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I frequently use EMDR with my clients to free them from the repetition of past dysfunctional patterns. With EMDR, disturbing memories are not erased, but do not continue to produce the emotional distress and psychological symptoms they had before and are no longer con-fused or entangled with positive memories. The way is thus cleared for a restored (or new) positive sense of self and competency to emerge and be strengthened.

Although EMDR is best known for its resolution of post-traumatic stress disorders, it is now being used to treat a broad range of issues, including anxiety, addiction and depression, to enhance peak performance, to boost self-confidence and manage stress. In this context I incorporate a clinically recognized system called “Resource Tapping”. It is a technique that utilizes bilateral stimulation of the body to release emotional and physical distress, build resilience, aid in healing, and calm the body on a deep physiological level. 

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