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Couples Counseling

Relationship therapy helps partners see one another with fresh and different perspectives. I work with couples collaboratively to develop their listening and empathizing skills to break impasses and feelings of hopelessness and disappointment. Partners will also improve their conflict resolution skills and learn more effective problem-solving strategies. With these new tools, they can decide how to move forward in the most empowering ways. The techniques I use are influenced by the following theories: Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavioral, Gestalt Therapy, DBT, EMDR and Gottman Relationship Therapy.

Divorce Counseling

While the objective of marriage counseling is to keep a couple's marriage intact, divorce counseling helps families deconstruct a marriage with respect and dignity. This is especially important when children are involved in the dissolution of marriage. Divorce counseling functions to help family members through problematic emotions and behaviors, separate emotional issues from practical ones, and improve their overall emotional health. It can also facilitate a more productive negotiation process during divorce proceedings.

I use EMDR to help clients process the traumatic aspects of divorce, understand their patterns in intimate relationships and make better choices as they move on. I believe that going through divorce, while painful, is a very fruitful time for personal work. Therapy during this time can release individuals from their psychological restraints, grant them closure, and build a foundation for new and better relationships.


Co-parent counseling allows parents an opportunity to talk about the best interest of their child(ren) in a neutral environment and, when appropriate, to get input and advice from a professional who is experienced in working with children and families of divorce. Issues ranging from time sharing schedules to day-to-day parenting can be discussed and parents can be kept 'on track' when their discussion begins to drift from parenting issues to personal/marital issues.

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