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CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) helps you to examine thought patterns. The major concept of CBT is that thoughts trigger feelings. Often when people are depressed or anxious their thoughts are illogical or distorted leading to distress. People with anxiety for example tend to believe the worst will happen. Looking at thoughts in a more logical and realistic fashion can reduce distress.


DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) is a therapeutic approach that was designed to help people managing strong and destructive thoughts, emotions and behaviors. It works through a combination of individual therapy, skills training and behavioral coaching. Skills that are taught include mindfulness training, emotion management, interpersonal effectiveness and crisis survival skills.


In my practice I offer DBT-based psychotherapy, individualized DBT skills training, as well as parent, spouse and family education and consultation. I incorporate DBT philosophies and techniques as needed, and introduce clients to a new and more effective way of coping with their problems.


I am intensively trained and certified in DBT and co-founded three different comprehensive DBT programs in the Bay Area. I am currently an associate of the Center for Innovative DBT in Marin County. Unique aspects of my practice are combining DBT with trauma work as well as working with the family as a whole. I facilitate family sessions that are focused on repairing relationships, reducing high conflict, reaching goals and building a stronger family system.

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